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“Empowering nonprofits to raise more money and attract more support for their causes”

We Get It

When you decide to make a difference in the world on your own terms, it is worthwhile to have a conversation with us before you start. Focusing on non-profit difference makers, RD Dennis Enterprises provides easy to access, understand and implement tools that get results and your organization in the direction you want to go.

Who We Are:

RD Dennis Enterprises, LLC provides a variety of services to non-profit companies to increase their capacity to create value through collaboration with like-minded professionals to serve their clients. They design and conduct customized assessments for social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and non-profit foundations that are looking for ways to expand their reach.

Our History:

Founder Russell Dennis brings a unique blend of experience in community development, marketing, small business advocacy, leadership, and auditing over the last 21 years to create success systems for organizations he works with in diverse fields.


RD Dennis Enterprises, LLC provides easy to access, understand and use tools to build success frameworks and create manageable and effective action plans that put nonprofit organizations on a path for success.


The Perfect Fit Fundraising and Engagement Process is designed to help your nonprofit raise more funds and attract the right types of support for your cause. You develop laser focus on the most important things that make your strengths stand out farther, and communicate the value you bring to all the people you touch.


Strategic Visioning


Resource Development

The Perfect Fit Fundraising and Engagement Framework Details a plan of action unique to your organization. Together we build a 22 Point strategic framework for acquiring and using the resources you need to deliver maximum impact to everyone you serve.

State of the art tools to determine where you are positioned for precise targeting of funds, expertise, and processes you need to position yourself effectively.

Identify the best sources of funding for your organization based on your unique needs.

Services offered include strategic visioning, operational assessments, research, needs assessments, program development, program evaluation, resource development, training, and team building.


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