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“There has never been a time when more is expected of non-profits to eliminate mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial distress in communities around the world. Y are all people of purpose who want to give of yourself to help others. No matter how well you do that work, there is always more need to address.

Doing more requires more so it's important that you have the ability to extend your reach, serve those most in need, and to attract the right people and financial resources. If you want to accomplish these things consider having a discovery session with me to talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how together we can move in that direction.”


-Russell Dennis

We are here to change the focus of operations to one that measures impact in both qualitative and quantitative terms.  We obtain and maintain organizational strength by applying the principles of excellence common to all organizations. Building the right infrastructure for nonprofit enterprises requires an investment in people, systems, and marketing.

Custom Programs That Increase Your Impact

4 Steps to Building a

 High Performance Nonprofit

Creating Win-Win-Win Scenarios

Nonprofit Medic

This online course covers all aspects of running your nonprofit effectively and efficiently.

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Are you having trouble finding then right board members, volunteers, or staff members? We have tools to help you assemble the right team to help you move your mission forward.

One-on-One coaching to help you power through your project, or any challenges that arise. Whether you are looking for customized training, grant writing, or long term planning, contact us!

Nonprofits that want to raise more funds and attract more supporters to their causes work with us to:


Communicate their missions with clarity and power


Build Comprehensive Engagement Plans that empower them to attract the best people to serve in and support the organization


Develop success frameworks for use in building effective action plans


Develop quick check systems to inventory resources, evaluate their programs, and operational effectiveness


Create comprehensive fundraising plans aimed at diversifying funding sources and increasing sustainability


Conduct effective purpose driven meetings that get results

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